Qhubeka is an Nguni (Zulu, Xhosa) word that means “to carry on”, “to progress”, “to move forward”.

Qhubeka helps people move forward and progress by giving bicycles in return for work done to improve communities, the environment or academic results. Having a bicycle changes lives by increasing the distance people can travel, what they can carry, where they can go and how fast they can get there.

Team MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung is Africa’s first ever UCI registered Professional Continental cycling team. The talented athletes in Team MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung race to build exposure for Qhubeka’s rural initiatives and ride to inspire potential new athletes within the community of Qhubeka bike recipients.

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  • More than 45 000 bikes have been distributed by Qhubeka since 2005
  • A child’s commute time to school is reduced by up to 75% with a bicycle
  • A bicycle increases a person’s carrying capacity by fives times
  • Healthcare workers can visit more than double the amount of patients per day with a bicycle
  • Marks improve by an average of 25% for children who ride a bicycle to school
  • Schools where children ride bicycles see attendance rates rise by 18% on average



Most of Africa’s rural population has no access to transport and people have to walk long distances to access opportunity, education, healthcare, shops and community services. Rural schoolchildren are particularly badly affected by lack of mobility. In South Africa, of the 16 million school going children, 12 million walk to school. Of these, 500,000 walk more than two hours each way, spending four hours getting to and back from school each day. Bicycles are the most effective and economical method of quickly addressing this problem.


Qhubeka is a volunteer organisation. Qhubeka is governed by a board of directors who are executives mainly from a commercial background and who give of their time without financial consideration.

Technical input into design and component sourcing is provided by the technical expertise of World Bicycle Relief.


  • Bike sales
  • Corporate Social Development funds
  • Corporate Sponsors & Donors
  • Consulting
  • Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Individual Donors
  • Merchandise sales
  • Sports Team endorsement



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Qhubeka is World Bicycle Relief’s programme in South Africa. World Bicycle Relief provides Qhubeka product development expertise, supply chain logistics, operational and program design.
World Bicycle Relief is a US-based non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming individuals and communities through The Power of Bicycles. Since 2005, World Bicycle Relief has trained more than 800 field mechanics and provided more than 125 000 specially designed, locally assembled quality bicycles to disaster survivors, healthcare workers, students and entrepreneurs in the developing world. For more information, please visit www.worldbicyclerelief.org.


Qhubeka, in partner ship with TransAfrika Bike Race have set up the Motive Power Movement cause.

With Trans Afrika supporting Qhubeka in all of the amazing work they do, they wanted to make a real and long-lasting difference in people’s lives by donating two quality bikes to a person in need. How it works is simple: by pledging R200.00 you will allow Qhubeka to donate two bikes, affording the people who’ll receive them with not only a means of transport, but by also allowing them to save on taxi fare to help them to further develop their business.

You can make your pledge below by using the donation widget for this very worthy cause.

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