External Power and Gadgets

December 30, 2016


If you are riding and not using a dynamo hub then you will need an external power source. There are loads of gadgets and gizmo’s on the market and below is an article from Wintec who supply some of the best gadgets and gizmo’s available. I use the Power Monkey and a Power Pack and have found them both very useful, they charge iPhones which is handy as well as other phones !!! If you are going to use the Jumpertrax app for tracking you will have to charge your phone at some time as these apps can drain your battery. If you are using the Jumpertrax tracker that will need charging after about 14 hours of use. Either way and depending on your race strategy you may need some more power and not just for your legs !!!

The Three P’s of Self Supported Enduro Racing- Power, Power & Power.
Most endurance athletes have been there. You train for months, eat clean, forego time with family & friends, you obsess with race routes, gear and nutrition, only to have one seemingly small oversight on race day spoil your chances of a PB. Most have experienced this in the form of trying untested “miracle products” on race day in the hope of improving performance or even something as simple as forgetting to lube up. Preparation is the key to success to all endurance events.
One aspect of preparation often overlooked is power management, even though a low battery message on a screen is about as welcome as a fart in a phone box!

Introducing Powertraveller, pioneers in portable charging & personal power generation. Powertraveller have been at the forefront of portable power for a decade & have produced some ground breaking charging tech along the way. No strangers to the world of endurance, Powertraveller have equipped countless expeditions to all corners of the globe, claiming, “if you can dream it, we can power it”.

What has this got to do with me? you may well ask. Powertraveller’s latest generation of solar products , namely the Solarmonkey Adventurer & Powermonkey Extreme are designed & manufactured to fit seamlessly into the adventurer athlete’s needs. Powertraveller chargers relieve power anxiety caused by dying GPSs, smart phones or HRMs. Dangerous situations such as loss of GPS access and cell phone access are easily avoided. Evening time blog posts & social media updates are a breeze, music or movies become a welcome prospect for some down time.

There are several factors which make Powertraveller the leader in portable power & first choice for adventurers & athletes alike. The solarmonkey adventurer & powermonkey extreme can charge all of your race electronics. Both units can generate power & therefore will not become completely redundant once they themselves run flat. Quality is a given, the units batteries hold and discharge power efficiently & effectively, their solar panels work ethic is unrivalled. They are truly portable, i.e. light, space respecting, rugged enough to withstand your needs and can fit in to your kit set up. All in all the only portable charging option that is up to the challenge you are about to embark on. For more information, visit www.wintecsolutions.co.za/powertraveller .